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Powerful, Fast and Accurate Signature Recognition You Can Afford


Proven Results
My Personal Signature Recognition is powered by the DATAVISION Identi-Sig API, one of the world's most powerful and accurate Signature Algorithms. Developed from over two decades of signature recognition experience with major banks, pharmaceutical companies and signature pad manufactures, DATAVISION has the experience and technical ability to offer this new and very powerful product.

The reality of real world signature recognition is that while the same signature may vary each time you write it, signatures also vary greatly depending on many other factors. Sometimes you write your signature carefully when making out a check, sometimes not so carefully when completing a purchase, and sometime you might just use initials if you were a physician writing a prescription, or just in a hurry.

Our new LOW COST
"My Personal Signature Recognition" system will return the likelihood the signature is genuine as long as you have added samples of the different ways the subject signs. Great for checking signatures at safe deposit boxes, signatures on purchase orders, signatures at voter stations, and so much more.

My Personal Signature Recognition Application can also be used to verify how good the Identi-Sig API really is by testing with  your images in an easy to use application if you are contemplating a more robust application.

Custom designs are welcome. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Get My Personal Signature Recognition Application Now Just $295.00         



The Key to Signature Recognition is to have a Signature Recognition engine that is easy to use, fast and accurate.

The Identi-Sig API is used in the sample application "My Personal Signature Recognition" for sale here. This API has several advantages:
1. It is designed for processing images so it can be used for check verification, document signatures on purchase orders, mortgages, etc., voter registration, medical sign in verification and so many other applications.
2. Since signatures written by the same person will vary, Identi-Sig is designed to handle that.
3. Sometimes the same person can sign quite differently, and Identi-Sig is designed to handle that.

4. Identi-Sig will improve its ability to predict a genuine signature with more samples.
5. Signatures with poor quality can be processed by using the programmable Accuracy Settings.

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