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Datavision Image LLC

"The Impossible Solutions Team"

Some Clients

Four decades ago a bank in Miami asked us to invent a machine that could show graphic signature images on their non-graphic terminals. Everyone said it was impossible, but our team invented the "Videograph" product which we eventually sold to thousands of locations.

When signature images were captured with a hand scanner which took one minute per image, we invented the VDC-1000 system which captured images in 1/30th of a second, and sold the product to hundreds of banks.

When it took 25 people to verify the check signatures  BNY Mellon received on a daily basis we were the FIRST company to develop a production system using automatic signature recognition ( in 2001).

When AVIS/Budget was swamped with car rental paperwork, we invented and deployed a system to eliminate the paperwork.

When Medco/Express scripts needed a way to automate the receipt of 1.3 million fax scripts per day, we designed a system to do just that.


Today our team of talented software professionals continues to deliver solid advanced technology solutions for countless "impossible" problems. Let us help you with any technical problem you have. We accept assignments for work ranging in scope from a few hours to many months.

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About Us

Datavision 21.png

“DATAVISION” first opened its doors in 1982.

The company invented an electronic device that allowed non-graphic terminals to display signature images. These devices soon became in high demand by financial institutions all over the world because they allowed existing terminals to display customer signatures, a process that required considerable manpower and paper shuffling.

Within a few years, DATAVISION devices were used by a large number of banks and Savings and Loans in the United States. When financial institutions began the widespread adoption of PCs to replace existing terminals, DATAVISION responded by offering signature software for these “new” PC devices. Over the years the company matured into a software company specializing in signature-related services. Some of our banking customers deployed over 10,000 copies of our software, and we converted millions of signatures from signature documents.

As the company matured, we continued to invent machines and software that improved our customer’s ability to capture, store and display signature images. Working with banks throughout the world we developed and perfected a software system to review signatures on checks at very high speed (thousands per minute) and we added sophisticated fraud avoidance to the product.

As we continued to expand, DATAVISION launched consultant services to offer companies assistance to solve many complex problems. From auto rental companies to major drug distributors and many other industries we offered ways to speed delivery and reduce signature and document processing costs.

As part of our development process we installed our first Visitor Sign In System in 2015. Over the years we have developed additional products and have improved our initial Visitor Sign In capabilities. 

Today we offer off-the-shelf systems designed to solve complex problems, speed service delivery, and automate processes for companies throughout the world. We accept assignments to solve problems that may take us less than a day, to complex problems requiring many man hours of work. Our services  will immediately save you money, and time. We are affordable, fast and very good at solving any technical challenge or legacy conversion in any language or technology preferred by the customer..



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