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Datavision Image LLC

Signatures are part of every business transaction, and we are proud to have provided advanced signature based solutions for over four decades.

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Visitor Management System 21

This brief video explains the Visitor Management System 21

VSI 21 Tablet.png

Visitor Sign In

The new Visitor Sign In -21 module very similar to our traditional sign in system except it ONLY contains the sign in functions, reports or other tasks are done on the second module, the Administrative Dashboard.


Note the simplicity of the new system. The Visitor Sign In module is only used to collect sign in and sign out data. Since the unit is online, it can share functionality with other units. This means a visitor can sign in at one station and sign out at another. Reports and other functions available from the Administrative Dashboard discussed below represent the COMBINED action of all Sign In Systems. You can have as many Visitor Sign In stations as necessary.

Admin dashboard 2-26-22.jpg

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard gives the administrator instant access to dozens of reports. All data collected by the sign in stations is organized into a central PRIVATE database for fingertip access and reporting.  The traditional reports available from the old system are available on demand along with a variety of other new valuable tools. 


When you select a function from one of the nine Administrative Dashboard buttons, additional sub groups appear.

The Administrative Dashboard runs on your existing PC and is included with any purchase for FREE. You can have as many Administrative Dashboard stations as you need. The software is remotely installed on your PC at no extra cost by Datavision.

One of the exciting new functions available on the Administrative Dashboard is “Database” which allows you to load customer data to the online database. In the new VSI 21 system the data and reports reflect the status of your entire system. This means when you install the new VSI21 system your new system will reflect the current data and will be fully functional on day one.

The Database function is custom designed for each customer at no additional cost.

Company Name Now Assigned.png

Office Sentinel

The  Office Sentinel is designed to keep individual tenants in touch with visitor activity for their office ONLY. This product is designed to provide every tenant in the building with data unique to them. For example, the time and attendance reporting for employees contains data ONLY for a specific tenant. This module is optional so a tenant can order it when they want at any time. This software product comes standard on a ten inch tablet (pre-installed by DATAVISION) or can reside on the tenant’s current PC.

The Office Sentinel instantly alerts the tenant that a visitor has just signed in and shows who they are (Visitor, Employee, Contractors, etc.). There are six categories of visitors which are selected from the Sign In Module.

The Office Sentinel can produce visitor logs and time and attendance reports for employees and contractors based on data only for that tenant. Data is specific and private to the individual tenant. An optional visitor’s COVID-19 Vaccination status is also noted if they have a vaccination record.

As soon as a visitor signs in for a specific tenant, that tenant is notified automatically. The tenant can choose to have the notice clear automatically after a few seconds or it can remain visible until manually acknowledged.

All Three.jpg
QR Reader and Tablets.jpg

Remote Work Sign In

Low Cost App for Remote Employee Sign In and Remote Job Check In


Remote Work Sign In is a FREE app on the Google or Apple Play Stores which keeps track of Remote Employee Sign In times, locations, signatures. The App can be used to keep track of Remote Job Crews and disbursed remote site attendance.

Use Company Code "DEMO"

Take a few moments to look at the above video. It will describe a very low cost solution to keeping track of your Remote Employees and shows a very good method to keep track of remote job work crews.

Remote Job and Employee Sign In

About Us

Datavision 21.png

“DATAVISION” first opened its doors in 1982.

The company invented an electronic device that allowed non-graphic terminals to display signature images. These devices soon became in high demand by financial institutions all over the world because they allowed existing terminals to display customer signatures, a process that required considerable manpower and paper shuffling.

Within a few years, DATAVISION devices were used by a large number of banks and Savings and Loans in the United States. When financial institutions began the widespread adoption of PCs to replace existing terminals, DATAVISION responded by offering signature software for these “new” PC devices. Over the years the company matured into a software company specializing in signature-related services. Some of our banking customers deployed over 10,000 copies of our software, and we converted millions of signatures from signature documents.

As the company matured, we continued to invent machines and software that improved our customer’s ability to capture, store and display signature images. Working with banks throughout the world we developed and perfected a software system to review signatures on checks at very high speed (thousands per minute) and we added sophisticated fraud avoidance to the product.

As we continued to expand, DATAVISION launched consultant services to offer companies assistance to solve many complex problems. From auto rental companies to major drug distributors and many other industries we offered ways to speed delivery and reduce signature and document processing costs.

As part of our development process we installed our first Visitor Sign In System in 2015. Over the years we have developed additional products and have improved our initial Visitor Sign In capabilities. In November 2021 we introduced our latest product, the Visitor Sign In System Twenty One.

Today we offer off-the-shelf systems designed to solve complex problems, speed service delivery, and automate processes for companies throughout the world. Our current products will immediately save you money.


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