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Why Buy A DATAVISION VMS-21 System ?

Visitor management systems are critical to success

A visitor management system is very important to your business. The front desk, or reception area, can often be one of the busiest places in your business, with staff, visitors, deliveries and contractors coming and going. It’s difficult keeping track of all those movements and the time it takes for a visitor to sign into a paper logbook or other legal paperwork is time consuming, inefficient, and very difficult to  organize. Visitors often wait while your reception team locates the person they’re here to see. The process of registering and managing a visitor can get in the way of connecting and engaging with them.


The VMS-21 visitor management system takes care of these processes, allowing you to focus on the person and provide a warm welcome. Your visitors simply sign in on the VMS-21 Tablet, Touch Screen or Kiosk and the VMS-21 System does the rest for you. We’ll notify the tenant to let them know their visitor has arrived, keep track of time and attendance reporting and data statistics for your employees and contractors and classify other visitors in easy to manage groups. The VMS-21 visitor management system also doubles as a visitor screening tool that can simplify contact tracing thanks to easy access to accurate visitor records. In the event of an emergency, active visitors still in the building can be instantly highlighted, and visitor cell phone numbers and be quickly identified. Best of all, there is no better way to make those first impressions that truly impress and ensure the safety of your workplace than with a VMS-21 System from DATAVISION.


Resume business safely and ensure the safety of your employees with our contact-less sign in solution.

Our contact-less sign in solution provides a hygienic, touch free way to register anyone entering your workplace. Visitors can easily scan a QR code hosted on their cell phone and sign in using their own mobile device. Using our dedicated smartphone app  (www.FastSignIn.Net), your employees and visitors can simply sign in using their smartphone thereby eliminating the need to sign in using our Tablet, Display Screen or Kiosk.

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30 good reasons why the Datavision VMS-21 System should be your selection

1. VMS-21 is MODULAR meaning you can start with just one tablet and expand as your needs grow. The VSI-21 System has many options and additional features and comes with a FREE Administrative Dashboard Software System to manage all the parts and reports.

2. The VMS-21 is very affordable.

3. The VMS-21 includes a DATABASE function that allows existing customer data to be used by the product

4. Th VMS-21 has a touch-less Fast Sign In option allowing sign in to occur in under three seconds.

5. The VMS-21 has dozens of reports including time and attendance reporting for the building or for the individual tenant

6. All data is stored on a secure database server backed up automatically

7. All VMS-21 Modules communicate with one another

8. The VMS-21 can be used consolidate reporting from multiple clinics or multiple physicians.

9. The VMS-21 is perfect for rapid sign in at conventions, cruise ships, group travel. Advance attendance lists can be pre-loaded

10. Covid 19 vaccination status can be set by Tenants

11. Tenants are notified instantly when visitor arrives for their facility

12. Lists of visitors not signed out are instantly available

13. Report times are variable by tenant

14. Tenants can select from Desktop or Table version of the Office Sentinel

15. Visitors seen today are listed by Tenant

16, Details on every visitor are available with the Administrative Dashboard and are available for visitors to a unique tenant through the Office Sentinel

17. Automatic processing of arriving visitors is available with the Office Sentinel

18. New tenants are automatically added to www.FastSignIn.Net app.

19. www.FastSignIn.Net is available for IOS, Windows, or Android devices.

20. Large 10.5 inch tablet display easy to see and use.

21. Kiosk sales include on site setup assistance

22. Kiosk sales can offer optional badge printer

23. QR Reader is included with all Kiosk Sales for hands free operation

24. All systems include phone and email support

25. Custom features are available at a modest extra cost.

26. DATAVISION has been delivering high quality software and hardware products since 1982.

27. All DATAVISION systems come pre-programmed and are ready to go right out of the box.

28. All software is developed in California, USA.

29 All Hardware is developed and assembled in the USA.

30. DATAVISION is a family owned business with a 40 year history.

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