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Series 7000 Check Fraud Avoidance System

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Series 7000 Automated Check Fraud Avoidance 

Our newest Series 7000 Check Fraud Avoidance System is fully automated to alert you to potential check  fraud. The system requires access to your Account Database, and access to your In Clearing Image Files. Series 7000 is based on nearly a decade of experience where an earlier version processed over one trillion dollars of checks annually at a leading money center bank. 

The Series 7000 is simple to install and will save your institution money through manpower reduction and reduced potential fraud losses.

The Series 7000 builds historical records on your server to use for automated signature recognition, and automated check characteristic comparisons. The system is fully automated and produces potential fraud lists and images to allow human operators to make the final fraud decisions.

Please CONTACT US for details of this new and very sophisticated tool.

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