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Series 7000 Check Fraud Avoidance System

A PROVEN Comprehensive Check Fraud Detection and Avoidance System

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Typical Check Fraud Detection  Screen

Typical Check Fraud Detection and Avoidance Report

Our newest Series 7000 Check Fraud Avoidance System is fully automated to alert you to potential check  fraud. The system requires access to your Account Database, and access to your In Clearing Image Files. Series 7000 is based on our proven Series 5000 system with nearly a decade of experience. Our software processed over one trillion dollars of checks annually at a leading money center bank for many years. 

The new Series 7000 has all the proven fraud detection and avoidance capabilities of our original Series 5000 plus it has an improved Signature Recognition engine, a new module to check the handwriting characteristics of the payee line, and captures signatures automatically from the check images. This means you can install Series 7000 and be up and running within weeks of contract signing.

The Series 7000 is simple to install and will save your institution money through manpower reduction and reduced potential fraud losses.

The Series 7000 builds historical records on your server to use for automated signature recognition, and automated check characteristic comparisons. The system is fully automated and produces potential fraud lists and images to allow human operators to make the final fraud decisions.

Please CONTACT US for details of this new and very sophisticated tool.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Series 7000

As First Vice President at Mellon Financial, I initiated the installation of DATAVISION’s S5000 Signature Recognition and Fraud Avoidance software.  The software was very sophisticated and performed up to our expectations. The Datavision team was attendant to our needs and professional in the execution of their responsibilities. It is a great product!!!!


Tom Drunsic


Lighthouse Payment Services, Inc

P O Box 4110

Woburn, MA 01888-4110


(508) 726-7762

We Guarantee To Sell You This Software For A Fraction Of That Charged By Our Leading Competitor

A free 80 page User Guide is available to qualified institutions. You will need a code available from us to open the Series 7000 User Guide. This informative guide will discuss the features, use and implementation of this powerful software.

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