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Remote Work Sign In

Remote Work Sign In

Excluding Sales Tax

Remote Work Sign In is a simple low cost sign in product designed to report activity of Remote Workers and Contractors. Detailed reporting is done by an Admisitrative Dashboard software product. Contact info@datavisionimage for pricing and installation details


    This new low cost feature allows remote workers to sign in and out for accurate Time and Attendance reporting and allows workers who may be assigned several remote tasks to check in and out quickly from remote jobs easily and simply with their cell phone.

    Data gathered by the cell phone is transmitted directly to a central database which can be accessed by the Visitor Management System 21 product for a comprehensive and very low cost solution for Time and Attendance and Job Status Reporting. The product is ideal for companies with Remote Workers, for Contractors controlling several job sites at one time, and for companies monitoring the location of employees and members of a community.

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