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The VMS-21 Has All The Features You Want

Visitor management systems are critical to success

A visitor management system is very important to your business. The front desk, or reception area, can often be one of the busiest places in your business, with staff, visitors, deliveries and contractors coming and going. It’s difficult keeping track of all those movements and the time it takes for a visitor to sign into a paper logbook is time consuming.

Our Visitor Management System - 21 now offers so much more.

Whether your requirements are for an electronic log book, a time and attendance system, offering Fast Sign In for Conventions, COVID-19 Touch Free Sign In, tracking who is currently visiting your facility, keeping track of employees at remote job sites, scheduling employee jobs, and so much more the DATAVISION Visitor Management System – 21 is the right product for you.


VMS-21 will meet your needs

We are so sure the VMS-21 has the all the features you need or we will add your special feature to the product for free or at a modest extra fee. Call or email us for a free 32 page information package. Here is a list of some of the many features in this exciting product:

First, the VMS-21 uses a PRIVATE database. We can use yours, or we can provide one. We also will add any feature or report you need for free or for a modest fee. We will also design a custom Google Play Store or Apple Store App to interface with the main VMS-21 system for a modest fee.

Here are a few features offered with this product:

  1. Provides an electronic log of all visitors categorized by 

    1. Visitors

    2. Vendors including company represented

    3. Employees

    4. Contractors

    5. Delivery

    6. Security/Maintenance

  2. Provides a real time list upon demand of all visitors still in building

  3. Provides a list of offices opened and not opened in building/system including time opened/closed

  4. Provides an electronic log of all remote workers sign in/out times including locations visited

  5. Provides an electronic log of all remote job start and stop times with locations sorted by employee

  6. Provides touch-less sign in

  7. Allows CSV lists to be entered into database for conventions, tours, etc

  8. Allows offices to be notified when a visitor arrives

  9. Provides an electronic time and attendance for individual offices

  10. Provides visitor vaccination status

  11. Allows touch free fast registration for visitors to a particular convention booth

  12. Provides lowest cost employee tracking system with a special discount for employers with ten or fewer employees.

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Contact Us With Your Requirements. Request a FREE 32 page information package.




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