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Fast Sign In


Fast Sign In is a very fast touch-less sign in add on feature available with the VMS-21 Visitor Sign In System. The new feature is low cost and can be added at any time to speed up Visitor Sign Ins and to offer your visitors a way to sign in that is uses a COVID-19 Touch-less sign in method.

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How Fast Sign In Works

The new Fast Sign In feature is perfect for returning visitors, contractors, employees, delivery personnel etc. The system is based on a QR Code that holds all pertinent visitor data. Each VSI-21 Customer is assigned a special BuildingID which identifies which PRIVATE database is used with the Fast Sign In System. Private databases hold information such as the Tenant Names and Floor Numbers, and store historical information about each visitor.

The VSI-21 system software keeps track of each visitor and knows if the visitor is signed in or not. A Sign In or Sign Out decision is automatically made by the VSI-21 software. Even though the Fast Sign In takes less than 3 seconds to sign in a visitor, all reports and visitor tracking available in our traditional Sign In System are available to the user.

A free cell phone app creates a QR Code on the visitor’s cell phone that holds the necessary information. When the QR Code is shown to the VSI-21 Reader, all sign in functions including your signature are quickly entered into the system. Sign In times are typically under three seconds. Works with the VSI Tablet, Larger Touchscreen, or Kiosk models.

Sign In or Out In UNDER 3 Seconds!

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